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s:HEirt online shop regulations established 26.11.2015


1. Customer - means an entity for whom, in accordance with the Regulations, electronic services can be provided or with whom a Sales Agreement may be concluded.
2. Civic Law - the Act of 23 April 1964 Civil Code (Journal of Laws 2014.121 as amended).
3. Regulations - this Regulations of rendering electronic services via s:HEirt online shop operated by s:HEirt civil law partnership Marzena Kowalska Bogdan Cichy with its registered office in Zgierz 95-100, Irysowa Street 2E. Identification Number 732-217-57-66, National Business Registry Number 361938465, referred to as seller.
4. s:HEirt Online Shop - online shop operated at http://www.sheirt.pl sells goods via Internet.
5. Product – products displayed via online shop.
6. Sale Agreement – agreement for the sale of goods as defined in regulations of Civil Code contracted between sheirt.pl and Customer through th Online Shop.
7. Consumer rights protection a ct– act of 30 May 2014 on consumer rights (Journal of Laws from 2014 item 827).
8. Act on Rendering Electronic Services - act of 18 July 2002 on rendering electronic services (Journal of Laws No. 144, item 1204, as amended.).
9. Order – declaration of intent that directly implies Sales agreement and determines type and quantity of goods.

II. General provision

2.1. This Regulations stipulate the terms of use of the online shop operated at www.sheirt.pl
2.2. This is referred to in Article 8 of Act on Rendering Electronic Services
2.3. The online shop is operated at www.sheirt.pl by s:HEirt civil law partnership Marzena Kowalska Bogdan Cichy with its registered office in Zgierz, Irysowa St. 2E. VAT Identification Number 732-217-57-66,
National Business Registry Number 361938465, referred to as seller.
2.4. The Regulations specify as follows:
a) regulations of registration process and the use of the created account through the Online Shop.
b) terms and conditions of product reservation available through the Online Shop.
c) terms and conditions of ordering through the Online Shop.
d) regulations of concluding Sales agreement through services of the Online Shop.
2.5. Customer should have access to any terminal with Internet access for order processing purposes .
2.6. s:HEirt reserves the rights in accordance with local requirements to provide services to Customers over the age of 18 years oldthrough the Online Shop. Now therefore, customers shall be informed about the rule.
2.7 Regulations are available under the specified hiperlink at www.sheirt.pl website.
2.8. Product information presented at the Online Store including descriptions, technical specifiactions and prices are invitation to submit a purchase offer in accordance with Article 71 Civil Code.

III. Terms & conditions

3.1. In order to submit orders Customer shall register an accoun in the Online Shop.
3.2. Registration is finalized by filling in the register form and acceptance of herein defined rules of the Online Shop
3.3. In order to register personal account Customer shall fill necessary personal data.
3.4. s:HEirt may revoke or limit rights to use the Online Shop if the conditions of the agreement are breached by the Customer, especially if:
a) personal data used to register persoanl acocunt are false or inaccurate and mislead or infringe rights of any involved third party.
b) Customer commits infringement of personal interests of third party including other Customers via the Online Shop
c) Customer commits other aggravating incidents considered as contrary to legal or regulatory requirements by s:HEirt.
3.5. User deprived of rights to use the Online Shop is excluded from account registration process.
3.6. In order to protect data transfer related to user activity and Online Shop services, s:HEirt online shop is obliged to secure aforementioned data via technical equipment and appropriate organisational measures.
3.7. Customer is obliged to:
a) not to send any content prohibited by law i.e. violence, character assassination or infringement of personal interest of third party.
b) use the Online Shop services as intended via dedicated software or hardware.
c) not to perform activities as resending or publishing prohibited content (spam)
d) not to perform activities defined as onorous for other users
e) use the shop content for personal use only.
f) use the Online Shop as intended in mandatory regulations of law valid on Polish territory and herein Regulations.

IV. Ordering

4.1. The Sale Agreement is effective if the product and its given specification presented via the s:HEirt Online Shop is selceted by Customer and the checkout process is fully succeeded in accordance with the instructions.
4.2. Purchase of a particular item is made via adding it to the online bascet.
4.3. After applying „order” button no modification can be done to the ordered items. To apply modifications Customer should follow displayed instructions.
4.4. If Customer apply all necessary personal data a summary will be displayed. The summary includes:
a) ordered items
b) detail prices of particular items, overall price and additional charges (if applicable)
c) chosen payment method
d) delivery time

4.5. In order to proceed to finalize the order Customer shall accept the terms and conditions of herein Regulations, provide all necessary personal data and confirm via ‚order’ button.
4.6. Placed order is equivalent of enetring into sale agreement with s:HEirt online shop.
4.7. An e-mail containing crucial information about placed order will be sent after order confirmation is done.
4.8. The Sale agreement shall be deemed concluded after Customer receive aforementioned confirmation e-mail.
4.9. Sale Agreement is concurring with Regulations and presented in english language.

V. Product delivery

5.1. Order shall be delivered across EU countries to address concluded by the Customer.
5.2. Delivery shall be made via specialist courier or Polish Post.
5.3. International delivery is 4 to 5 days. Internationa delivery applies to all EU countries.
5.4. Klienci mogą uzyskać dostęp do niniejszego Regulaminu w każdym czasie pod adresem http://www.sheirt.pl, po-brać go i sporządzić jego wydruk.

All essential information of Sale Agreement shall be delivered via e-mail and included to the dispatched parcel.

VI. Product Price and Payment Methods

6.1. All taxes included to every Product Price item presented on s:HEirt online shop.
6.2. Customer shall use payment methods as follows:
a) bank transfer - account number 93 1020 3440 0000 7602 0192 7102

VII. Withdrawal

Customer who concluded an distance agreement has the right to terminate for convenience within 14 days.

The Customer or any third party given by the customer shall become the owner of delivered goods after 14 days. After the period of 14 days no returns shall be accepted.

To perform termination for convenience, the Customer shall contact s:HEirt Online Shop via traditional mail or e-mail sklep@sheirt.pl and provide notice. Customer may use the exemplary notice available on the website. In order to preserve the deadline the Customer should inform s:HEirt Online Shop of termination being performed.

Rescision of contract

Customer shall inform Online Shop about termination for convenience to preserve stipulated deadline. If every herein withdrawal statement is fulfilled, all payment will be instantly returned to Customer, including standard shipping costs . Payment shall be transfered on the same account number from which it was delivered. Payment return has no additional charges.

s:HEirt online shop may delay the payment return until the item is received or any postal receipt is delivered by the Customer. The 14 day deadline shall be preserved in both of presented situations.

If the item is misused and, therefore, its value is decreased, the Customer shall be responsible for meeting the costs of the complete price.

  VIII. The claim in case of non-compliance with the sales contract

Complaint may refere to:
8.1. requirement of bringing the product into conformity with the contract of sale, complimentary repair or new-for-old replacement.
8.2. lower the price of an item or return the value of the purchased goods.
8.3. If the Online Shop does not reply a complaint within 14 days, it is deemed to be accepted.
8.4. Customer has no right to comaplint if the Online Shop owner is not provided with any information about incompatibility of the product within two months.
8.5. Online Shop shall provide two-year long guarantee for each item and if Customer has replaced new-for-old, the two-year guarantee period also applies to the replaced item.
8.6. In order to begin administration of complaints process, the product shall be delivered with the proof of purchase. The product shall be delivered back on the Online Shop address. If the claim is approved, all shipment costs shall be returned on Customers bank account.
8.7. If the complaint is In case of considering the complaint in favor of the customer service provider repair or replace the defective goods to a new or returns the value of the purchased goods within 14 days.
8.8. Defective goods are not covered by warranty and complaint shall not be accepted if the goods were subject of abnormal use.
8.9. If a complaint is a result of infringement of any kind, the Customer shall contact s:HEirt via e-mail sklep@sheirt.pl. Aministration of complaints should be no longer than 14 days and Customer should be informed right after the decision is made.  


9.1. s:HEirt acts as an Online Shop of current state of the art and any inconvenience submitted by the Customer should be redressed within given deadline.
9.2. Customer shall inform the s:HEirt Online Shop of any irregularities including Online Shop services issues.
9.3. Online Shop services issues should be sent on sklep@sheirt.pl.
9.4. The complaint shall include Clients name, surname, correspondence address, type and specific date of the services issues.
9.5. s:HEirt shall process claim within 14 days or inform Customer about a specific date of claim to be processed.

X. Final Provisions

10.1. If a dispute between the Online Shop and Customer has not been settled, the dispute will be settled by a local subject matter jurisdiction in accordance with the Code of Civil Procedure.
10.2. If a dispute between the Online Shop and a Customer not beeing a consumer as defined in provisions of article 22 [1] of Civil Code has not been settled, the dispute will be settled by a local subject matter jurisdiction.
10.3. To all matters not settled herein provisions of Civil Code and the Polsih law shall respectively apply.
10.4. Full terms and conditions apply to as the Online Shop starts to operate.
10.5 s:HEirt resevers the rights to change terms and conditions of the herein Regulations. Any changes shall be effective by the date specified by the Seller. Any changes shall be effective as of the date on which the agreement is accepted in the Online Shop form. Not accepting the rules is equivalent of dissolution of the contract.



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